We’ve Got What You Need

Our feature-rich POS platform is designed to exceed the needs of today’s hospitality and retail businesses. Since inception, we’ve listened to our customers by consistently delivering industry leading features, easy to use functionality, and robust integrations, all of which are created to help businesses like yours succeed. With a finger on the pulse of modern businesses, we know the needs of your industry. We understand what your business requires to be more competitive and profitable, but most importantly, we’ve got the tools to get you there.

We’re Fast, and We’re Mobile

Our POS platform is up to 67% faster than legacy systems, enabling our clients to service their customers in a flash. Further to that, our mobility solutions provide the perfect solution for increasing the speed of service, reducing customer wait times, and boosting loyalty. Our customizable iOS App is branded exclusively with your venue’s skin, and feeds orders directly from the customer’s mobile device to your POS, saving your customers time while increasing your profit.

We’re More Than a System, We’re a Platform

Our POS platform is more than just a system; it’s a true cloud-based platform that makes all merchant business data accessible to any channel at any time, giving owners and operators complete control of their business. We enable merchants to not only take payment at their store or restaurant but also offer both an online and mobile store or menu, in addition to other commerce channels. This POS includes advanced capabilities beyond payments such as eCommerce, CRM, employee management, mobile commerce, inventory management, as well as loyalty programs and gift cards. We offer the tools you need and the partnership integrations you want to run the business you want. Our POS platform creates a consistent and seamless customer experience.

Features & Integrations

Cloud-based Backend                                             Staff Management & Payroll

 Always-on Mode                                                      Highly Secure Network

 Customizable Interface                                            Inventory Management

 Real-time Reporting                                                 Accounting

 Enterprise Management System                             Mobile Ordering

 E-commerce Integration                                           Online Ordering

 Open API Loyalty Program                                        Delivery Management

 Robust CRM                                                               Custom White Label App

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

Our commitment to innovation means your business will consistently benefit from cutting-edge features and updates. Our POS boasts real-time reporting, sophisticated inventory management, online ordering, loyalty capabilities, CRM, employee management, and PCI compliant cloud technology for the highest security standards. If you want to bring your own integrations, our open API means that you can integrate seamlessly with third party partners including Deputy, Tyro, Quickbooks Online, Synergy World and more to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for your business.

We’re Leaders in Innovation

We understand that both time and space is a premium in the hospitality and retail industries which is why Revel is designed to be lightweight, without sacrificing any of the functionality you would expect. As an iPad-based system, Revel is a highly intuitive, robust platform with an exceptionally small IT footprint, negating the need for bulky proprietary equipment often associated with legacy POS systems. Our cloud-based architecture lets you access your data anywhere, at any time, and our AlwaysOn Mode continues to process sales even when the internet drops out.